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About Us


The Founders

Joi and Jenine, two girls from Brooklyn, unknowingly grew up alongside one another in the same Brooklyn neighborhood and only first connected during sophomore year in a Manhattan High School. Upon their first meeting, Joi and Jenine shared similar backgrounds and patterns such as single parent environments, abusive relationships, abandonment, motherhood, promiscuity and all the elements of what young adolescent women go through on a day to day basis.


Throughout our journey and experiences Divine Angels Wellness Center was born. Our mission and our purpose are clear and we put forth workshops that will assist in the development of young women in their communities. Joi and Jenine want to give life, love and support to the community of women, finding their way in life, just as they have done for each other. 

Board of Directors

Dr. Elaine J. Simms, President .PNG

Dr. EJ Simms

Ph.D, D.Div.,M.Div, 

Executive Director of E.J.Simms Funeral Services, Counselor in the field of Drug Rehabilitation and Mental Health


Janeen Bethea. Treasurer .PNG

Janeen Bethea

B.S. in Human Services

Case Worker-Enrollment Specialist


Ledread Gathers, Executive Committeeman

Ledread Gathers

A.A.B.S, C.O.E, F.D.N.Y COF, 

N.Y.C D.O.E. Custodian


We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Divine Angels Wellness Center created a safe environment for all  adolescent girls and women of all ages call home.



A  haven of expression, highlighting freedom of self-care, self-evaluation, self- awareness, creativity, and adversity. We strive to break the cycle of generational patterns and develop future entrepreneurs and community leaders.



Divine Angels young individuals develop self-confidence, make ethical decisions, healthy life choices, and excel academically through educational programs and self awareness.

Our Mission

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to reach at risk girls and women experiencing homelessness, foster care, group homes, NYCHA and detention centers searching for the right answers to their questions. We are the community.


We created opportunities that seem unreachable and make them possible. It starts with an idea, and then the journey begins!

We Need Your Support Today!

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